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billbrinkley posted a comment on Monday 7th January 2013 4:13pm for Chapter 26

I didn't realize this was a homo-erotic fic. My fault as I didn't read the description thoroughly and notice the HP/SB. I didn't read your other stories due to their synopses but began this one as there didn't seem to be an emphasis on this aspect of the plot. So I will stop at this chapter and not continue.

Locomotor posted a comment on Thursday 16th October 2008 12:21pm for Chapter 26

To the first reviewer of this chapter, How exactly did it take you over half the story to figure out this was a Harry/Sirius fic? Must not have been reading very well.

Now to the amazing author, this story has been absolutely amazing so far, been keeping me away from my work but its been amazing. Love the way you have written the interactions between the characters and I believe that this ending so far has been better than J.K.'s. Now I'm off to read the other half of the story.

jake m posted a comment on Tuesday 7th March 2006 12:53am for Chapter 26

omg plz take this review seriously.
harry gay?
serious gay?
hermoine and ron?
i was really hooked on this but nearly stopped reading when i found out that ron and hermoine are a couple but it was bearable.
but this?
im ganna not read da rest now though it is very well written