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Author Notes:

Warning: This chapter includes a slash sex scene.

Remus had never been to the manor known as Serpentshead, located in the London suburbs; the last time he had visited the Tonkses at their home he'd been nineteen, and back then they were living in a small wizarding community in northern England. It had been some kind of experimental thing -- the Ministry had funded it in an attempt to rebuild the idea of wizarding towns like Hogsmeade. It'd been a great place to visit -- lots of kids around to admire the older boys and very permissive parents who never treated the four of them as if they were anything less than adults. But, after the war had ended, the settlement sort of broke up and drifted away, and when Ted got his big promotion in the Ministry they'd moved to Serpentshead, which Tonks told him had lovely big grounds and a beautiful old house.

They emerged from the hearth into a little floo-receiving room, and were still dusting each other off when Andromeda's voice echoed through the doorway.

"Nymphadora, dear? Is that you?"

"It's us, Mum!" Tonks called. "Be out in just a minute!"

"I'm going back," Remus said, but she caught his arm and tugged him along, out into the high-ceilinged parlour beyond the floo chamber.

"There you are, dear," Andromeda Tonks said, straightening from where she'd been bending over to arrange some flowers in a vase on a low table surrounded by comfortable-looking leather couches. "And Remus, of course. Welcome to Serpentshead." She came forward to hug her daughter and clasp his hands; he was a little surprised, but he smiled and thanked her. "It's good to see you again -- how long has it been?" she asked.

"About fifteen years, I think," he said. "Er...just after..."

"Oh yes; of course," she said quietly. "I'm sorry about that; we should have kept better track of each other. I know Ted was quite fond of all of you boys, and of course I think we're both aware that Nymphadora continues to be."

"Mum!" Tonks said, horrified.

"Darling, if you didn't want me to make jokes at your expense you should have told me about him ages ago," Andromeda said kindly. "I assume, Remus, that you didn't coerce her into keeping you a secret?"

"I thought perhaps she'd mentioned it..."

"She had not. He's going to think you're ashamed of him, my dear. You don't make him call you Tonks, do you?"

"I don't -- " Remus began, but Andromeda was already moving onward.

"It's silly -- Nymphadora might be rather long but it's a very beautiful, traditional wizarding name. Can you imagine your children?"

"What?" Remus asked, really alarmed now.

"Well, what would your children think if they hear their father calling their mother Tonks? Would you like a drink?" she asked Remus.

"Very much," he said firmly.

"Something that won't spoil your palate for dinner, we've laid on a Carvell '44 for the occasion. Whiskey and soda?"

"That'll do nicely."

"I mean I assume you have given some thought to children. I floo'ed up Kingsley Shacklebolt after I saw that photograph in the newspaper -- it was quite beautiful, excellent composition, I hope they offer that young man a job -- and he said to the best of his knowledge you'd been seeing each other for over a year. Not to rush you of course," she said to Tonks, who was still looking slightly horrified. "You have your career to think about."

"Mum -- " Tonks said desperately, as Andromeda handed Remus his drink. He fought the urge to down it in a single swallow. "You only just met him, please don't name the -- "


"What?" Remus asked.

"I've always liked the name Ichabod. Or Pulcherrima, if it's a girl."

"Mum thinks it's amusing to try and come up with names for my future children with my boyfriends' surnames," Tonks said, hand over her eyes.

"Ichabod Lupin has a nice rhythm to it," Andromeda said. "And it works well with Tonks, too."

"Er..." Remus cleared his throat. "I'm ah. Andromeda, I'm sorry, but it's not...that is to say, there are certain Ministry restrictions with regards to werewolves and children. I'd have to get a permit."

"To have a baby?" Andromeda asked, outraged. "One gets a permit to go fishing, Remus, one does not get a permit to procreate!"

"If I were to marry or knowingly father a child without one, I could be prosecuted."

"Well, that will have to have a stop put to it. I'll have Ted look into it, he must be able to do something about it."

"Mum, Remus and I are not going to have children for a long time, if ever," Tonks said, recovering a little bit of ground. "I suspect after tonight he's never going to want to see me again..."

"May I remind you, young lady, that he was my friend long before he was your suitor," Andromeda replied. "Which is as it should be. All this shillyshallying about with boys your own age when you know perfectly well they're all fools. Remus is not a fool. He never was. Besides, you're not going to run off simply because of me, are you? That would show a distinct lack of character, Remus. Ah, there's Ted," she said, as Remus was fumbling for an appropriate reply.

When Remus thought of Ted Tonks, the first word that came to mind was always "tidy"; as messy as he might be in private life, in appearance he was a tidy man, well-groomed and well-dressed, his pale hair always combed down against his head and his movements neat and quick. He looked the precise picture of a mid-level bureaucrat, and on first meeting him at the age of fifteen Sirius had whispered to James that he looked like he had no personality in the slightest, and he was sure Andromeda had only married him to escape from the family.

Remus, however, had been skeptical about this and was eventually proven right; underneath his bland exterior, Ted was a quick-witted man with an incisive intellect and a scathingly dry sense of humour. He had survived in the Ministry and thrived by never, ever appearing to be unorthodox while he, as Andromeda put it, gaily subverted the entire system from the inside. The fact that Tonks was not only cheerful but also well-adjusted and non-conformist while at the same time working in law-enforcement was really much less shocking, after you met her parents.

"Hello, Remus," Ted said, shaking hands with rather firmer a grip than Remus had been expecting. "It's been too long since we've seen you. Hi, darling," he added to Andromeda, kissing her on the cheek. "Nymphadora, you're looking guilty and ashamed, good for you."

"Hi, Dad," she said with a grin and a hug. "I'm not guilty or ashamed, but Mum's been naming my children again."

"Oh? Is it Ichabod or Tamlin this time?"

"Tamlin's an ill-fated name to give a child," Remus observed.

"Ichabod's not much better," Ted replied. "Is dinner ready? I'm famished."

Andromeda gestured through a wide arched doorway where a table had been laid. "Ellen's just finishing, I believe."

"Splendid!" Ted said, leading the way. Tonks took Remus' offered arm as they followed, grinning at him.

"Told you," she said. "She only names the imaginary children of boyfriends she really likes."


It was true that Harry's learning curve was fairly steep when it came to sex, but then again Harry was a quick study and he'd been a Quidditch player, so he was well aware of his own body.

What he was learning, actually, was not necessarily Sirius' body but the physics of his own body when matched with another one shaped like his. Granted there were no curves -- no breasts -- but Sirius was young and strong, and Harry liked the angles of his body, the barely-rounded edges. He liked the hard edge of Sirius' jaw against his skin as Sirius kissed his throat, the flat press of Sirius' chest against his, Sirius' broad shoulders under his hands.

Sirius, who had been content simply to pin Harry down on the sofa and kiss him for minutes on end, had finally grown restless -- probably because Harry couldn't help arching his hips up against such delightful pressure, the real weight of another human body touching his. He had moved on to Harry's throat and was now nuzzling at the collar of the Hogwarts shirt he wore, one hand on Harry's hip and the other rising to unbutton the shirt.

"This may not be precisely what Augustus meant by bed rest," Harry gasped. Sirius slid up to kiss him again and thrust his hips against Harry's.

"Well, you can make me do most of the work," Sirius said. Harry raised a hand to stroke Sirius' short hair, ruffling it in the back. Sirius bent again, kissing a line down Harry's chest as he unbuttoned his shirt. "I mean, we could play chess if you wanted..."

"I like this game better," Harry answered. Sirius kissed him just above his navel and set about unbuckling his belt, although it probably would have gone faster if he hadn't kept stopping to slide his hand down and stroke the definite bulge in Harry's trousers. Harry gripped the edge of the sofa with one hand. Sirius, being a fairly direct man, was not one to linger, thank god, and Harry lifted his hips to help get his trousers and pants off. Then he pulled Sirius up for another kiss, managing to get his shirt mostly off in the process.

"Rest," Sirius said, his own trousers rubbing against Harry's bare skin delightfully. "You just stay there..."

"What -- " Harry asked, but Sirius was kissing the line of his hipbone, resting his cheek in the place between hip and thigh.

"Trust me?" Sirius asked, looking up at him. His hand rested on Harry's other thigh, thumb rubbing small circles.

"Yeah," Harry said, running his fingers over Sirius' hair. "But -- oh -- "

Sirius had slid his hand up and was stroking him, a gentle light touch that was more tease than caress.

"More," Harry managed, and Sirius laughed.

"No fear," he replied, and Harry tilted his head back, writhing under and against Sirius until oh god that was Sirius' mouth...

Sirius stopped and lifted his head anxiously when Harry cried out.

"Is that -- did I do it wrong?" he asked, breathing heavily. Harry shook his head. "I've never actually, I mean -- "

"No, it was fine," Harry said breathlessly. "Please."

Sirius hesitantly kissed the head of his cock, then ran his lips over it and moved his tongue, and Harry tried not to buck up into his mouth and choke him. The faint vibration he felt must have been Sirius laughing; he put both hands on Harry's hips and held him down while he licked and sucked and Harry moaned, gripping the cushions so tightly he thought he might rip them.

"Stop -- stop," he said suddenly.

"What?" Sirius asked, sounding concerned. Harry took a moment to catch his breath.

"Didn't want to -- " he managed. "Er, I mean..."

"Oh!" Sirius looked taken aback for a split second, then he grinned and lifted one hand from Harry's hips, tracing just the barest fingertip-touch up the underside of his cock, which was all it took -- Harry almost choked on his own breath as he came, hips jerking, a moan caught in his throat.

Sirius nuzzled up next to him, his hand warm on Harry's thigh. Harry released his death grip on the furniture and breathed deeply.

"Told you I'd do all the work," Sirius said.

"Well, technically I'm not actually in a bed," Harry replied, as Sirius murmured a cleaning spell under his breath. "So if you wanted to, me to the bed upstairs?"

"...I'd be pleased," Sirius said, shifting a little so that his erection rubbed against Harry's hip through his trousers. "I mean, I'm willing to bet I could keep you fully entertained even if you are stuck in bed..."

He helped Harry pull his trousers up above his hips and supported him up the stairs, though this was not strictly necessary; they stopped at the top to kiss, and then Sirius released Harry and flopped back on the bed, sighing happily.

"I'm glad you enjoyed that, really," he said, as Harry knelt on the bed and straddled him. "Sorry it was a bit clumsy..."

"I wouldn't say that," Harry replied, kissing him.

"Never done it before," Sirius admitted against his mouth. "Only ever heard about it..."

"Have you...I mean, a lot of other boys, or...?"

"Balls! No," Sirius said, pulling Harry's hips forward slightly and humming happily. "Couple of quick wanks in the locker room -- you know, not anything they'd tell their girlfriends about...and I had it off with a Ravenclaw bloke once, you know, sort of...properly."

"Properly?" Harry asked, not quite ready for a repeat of the night before, but fast realising he would be soon.

"Well, he'd found a book about it and all. He said we ought to try it, and I said I was game if he was, so -- well, he was older so he went first, and then after a bit I did. Brilliant, I thought. He said he preferred -- mmm. This," Sirius said.

"Are you talking about buggering someone?" Harry asked curiously. He reached for his wand and banished their clothes with a wicked grin.

"Yeah, well, I guess so," Sirius said, suddenly hesitant. "I mean, we needn't if you'd rather not. Not yet, of course, even if you...would rather."

"Oh. Well, I guess I'd...I mean, trying it would be all right, if you know how it's done," Harry said, leaning back a little. Sirius grunted and moved faster, and Harry felt warm arousal begin to uncoil again.

"Harry," Sirius said, staring up at him with half-lidded eyes. "Harry -- "

Harry bent over and thrust against Sirius' body, nibbling on his earlobe. "Why not?" he asked, reasonably. "You could teach me -- you are a tutor, after all..."

Sirius laughed breathlessly and slid his fingers up Harry's back. Harry growled and kissed him, and let the rhythm of their bodies distract him until Sirius tensed and whined and came. Harry brushed his hair off his forehead and kissed him, laughing.

"At this rate we're never going to manage it together," he said, dragging his half-erect cock across Sirius' belly.

"Think of England," Sirius advised with a laugh. "Or Professor Trelawney -- "

"Don't say it!" Harry said, but the mental image was already rising in his head, and definitely enough to stop the rise of other things. "Sod you, Sirius Black!"

"You'll need that energy for later," Sirius grunted. Harry rolled onto his side and curled up against Sirius' naked skin, pressing one hand to his chest over his heart to feel for the steady beat of it. Sirius smiled and stroked Harry's hair, just behind his ear.

"Well, we know you'll sleep soundly tonight, anyway," he said.


"So I understand," Andromeda said, as Ted poured the wine, "that you're Head of Gryffindor now, Remus."

"Yes -- provisionally, I suppose," he replied. Soup bubbled up from seeming nowhere into their bowls. "I expect, when everything has settled down, that someone more experienced will replace me. I think it was bait."

"To get you to take the job?" Ted asked.

"Yes -- I'm sure you're aware of the reputation of my position at Hogwarts."

"Are you enjoying it?" Andromeda asked.

"Very much," Remus said with a smile. "I like teaching, I always have. I feel as though I'm being useful. Rather a new sensation for me."

"You're always useful," Tonks answered.

"I approve of teachers, but I don't think I could be one," Andromeda said, sipping her wine. "I haven't the patience."

"It does require a lot of mental counting-to-ten," Remus agreed. "Fortunately, I have a lot of practice."

"And I imagine it needs quick reflexes as well," Ted said. "It's such a dangerous course. I don't think they ought to let the littler ones take it. Not that our Nymphadora didn't take to it from the start."

"Well, I suppose there's merit in not teaching eleven-year-olds how hexes and jinxes work, but they'd find out on their own at any rate," Remus said. "You should see some of the things they pick up from the older students in the dormitories. It's a nightmare."

The soup bowls vanished from in front of them with a soft pop, and the plates below the bowls filled with food. Remus was unused to multi-course meals but he was more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, particularly when the second course was grilled sea bass with wild mushrooms.

"Now, Remus, I believe the traditional question has to be asked," Ted said, with enough gravity that Remus knew he was having him on. "Just what precisely are your intentions towards my daughter?"

Remus set his fork and knife down and glanced at Tonks, clearing his throat. "Well, I thought I'd start with ravishment, move on to kidnapping, and finish with a shady half-legal wedding performed by a Muggle priest at knifepoint."

"Mmh. You're aware the traditional rope won't work on Nymphadora?"

"Oh, I've been practicing my petrification spells."

"You are the most ill-behaved man I have ever married," Andromeda said to Ted. Tonks was bright red. "You're only encouraging him."

"That's the general idea," Ted replied. "I want grandchildren, Andi."


"Sorry, sweetheart. In your own time, of course," Ted patted her hand. "But if you're not planning on it until later in life, I wish you'd let me know and I'll get a puppy in the meantime."

Tonks buried her face in her hands.

"It's all right, Nymphadora, we promise not to tease you any more," Ted said. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, really I am. And I really do want an answer to that question, Remus," he added, turning to Remus and fixing him with an amiable smile and a steely, all-seeing gaze. "I can understand why she wouldn't want to tell us about you; she's a grown woman and it's none of our business -- and I must admit that most parents' first choice would not be a werewolf a decade older than she."

"Ted," Andromeda said, slightly reprovingly.

"Well, it's the truth, my dear," he replied. "He must be aware of the difficult road ahead; he's been walking it -- how long?" he asked Remus.

"Since I was six," Remus answered. "Yes. I do understand."

"He tried to stop me, mum," Tonks said, looking directly at Remus. "For almost six months."

"We know he's a determined man, at any rate," Andromeda said to Ted.

"I felt -- as you do -- that there are better men -- " Remus began, but Andromeda stopped him.

"Better situations, perhaps," she said. "I won't offend you with weights and measures, Remus -- it's cheap and ill-mannered to balance the good and the bad that way. A better situation does not make a better man, however. I presume that you are aware of the immense prestige bestowed upon you by my daughter's choice."

He smiled a little. "Yes."

"It isn't like that, mum," Tonks protested.

"Of course not, dear," Andromeda replied. Remus tried not to snicker at her tone. "But as Ted was saying...given that you appear to get on well enough to stand each others' company for some duration of time, naturally a parent grows curious."

Remus cleared his throat. "As far as more...permanent arrangements go, I don't think we've made any is, uh, not a time which allows for very firm plans to be made on any front."

"That's right; you're fighting a war as well," Ted said. "Better to wait than rush in out of fear, eh?"

"As I've said..." Remus spread his hands. "I'm used to being patient."

Andromeda was looking at the pair of them so sadly that he realised what it must sound like -- two people afraid to believe what they had might actually be real, because any day one of them might die.

"Well, I suppose that's all we can ask," Ted said. "But if you do break my baby daughter's heart -- "


"I'd sooner die," Remus said, without thinking. Tonks looked at him sharply. "I would. I'd forgotten it was possible to be so happy."

"Well," Andromeda said, looking at her husband, "That sounds like an acceptable sort of answer to me."

"Hmm. Yes, I think so. He's held up much better than most of the boys she's brought home," Ted agreed.

"Do you mean that?" Tonks asked him. Remus nodded.

"I think that calls for dessert," Ted announced, and the remains of their dinner vanished. Remus grinned at Tonks as an enormous trifle and a bottle of dessert wine appeared, and she smiled back -- a secret, affectionate smile that, he thought wryly, probably had Andromeda naming his second child already.


They returned rather late but cheerful for the most part; after dinner Andromeda had indeed shown him the library and he'd been suitably impressed. She had not only a fine collection of old wizarding books but also a fair assortment of antique and rare Muggle volumes as well. He could see definite traces of her mother in Tonks -- the imperious lift of the chin, the inability to give up pursuit of something she wanted, and a typical, slightly-mad sense of humour he recognised as a deeply-bred Black trait.

"Well, I had fun," he said, as they stepped out of the fireplace at Fourteen Back.

"They were really in top form tonight," she sighed.

"Our parents always embarrass us; it might as well be intentional," he said, wrapping an arm around her waist and kissing the side of her neck. "I like them."

"I do too," she said, tilting her head so that he could do a better job of it. "They're not too bad as parents go."

"I wish you could have met my father -- he'd have liked you immensely," Remus said. She lifted a hand to cup his head against hers, fingers rubbing his cheek.

"I wish too," she said. "Don't you have any family I could be subjected to? You must have an aunt or something who could terrify me suitably."

"A few second cousins on my mother's side, but they're all Muggle..." he turned her in his arms, pulling her close again. "You'll have to be content with me, I'm afraid."

"And Harry, and Sirius..." she smiled at him. "Ron and Hermione and all your students..."

"Don't remind me...I don't want to go back to school."

"Speaking of which, do you suppose Harry and Sirius have gone to bed for the night? You'll have to wake Sirius tomorrow so that he can get back to school in time."

"Harry? Sirius?" Remus called. There was a sleepy grunt from upstairs. "I think we're safe," he said to her. "Granted, I'm an old man, but I think I might manage to live up to the prestige of being Nymphadora Tonks' escort..."

"Oh god! I can't believe she said that..."

"Well, she is a Black, and so are you in part," he reminded her, as they moved slowly towards the bedroom. "Very old wizarding family -- "

" -- you are being evil!"

" -- with many fine generations of wizarding intellects and politicians," he said. "I am fully conscious of the honour bestowed upon me, a lowly Lupin."

She smiled and kissed him and began to unbutton his robes. "I'm sure the Lupins are every bit as prestigious as the Blacks and probably significantly less inbred."

"That's true; we'll marry just about anyone -- no discrimination or taste -- "

They broke down into laughter at that point, and Remus shut the door to the bedroom quietly.

"I meant every word of what I said tonight," he reminded her, cupping her face in his hands. She smiled up at him.

"Did you?"

"Yes," he said seriously.

"Even the bit about the ravishment and kidnapping?"

"Especially the bit about the ravishment and kidnapping."


Sometime during the night, Sirius had realised he might be woken in the morning, and sensibly crawled on top of the covers and Changed into Padfoot; Harry, whose dignity was preserved only by the rumpled blankets, barely moved as Remus climbed the stairs the next morning and leaned on the banister.

"There'll be breakfast downstairs soon, but class is in half an hour -- better hop-to, Padfoot," he heard Remus say, through a haze of sleep. He barked in answer and Remus took this as confirmation, giving him a nod before descending again.

He leapt back onto the bed, changing as he did so, and kissed Harry's mouth hot and fast, ruffling his hair and running to the bathroom to wash. When he was done he called goodbye, but Harry barely moved as he pulled his robes around his shoulders and ran down the stairs. Remus offered him a plate of toast and he shoved a slice in his mouth as Remus stepped through the floo. He followed with the other slice still in his hand and devoured it as they were walking down the hallway towards the Dark Arts classroom.

"Coming along today?" Remus asked, straightening his cuffs and shuffling the papers he'd picked up off his desk.

"Mmhf," Sirius said, nodding. He swallowed and cleared his throat. "How did dinner go? Can't have been too awful, we didn't even hear you come home last night."

"Oh, it went all right," Remus said with a smile. "I'd forgotten what a pair Andromeda and Ted are."

"I should meet them sometime," Sirius said wistfully. "They were always nice to me and I'd only just got to know them."

"Yes, I didn't even meet Nymphadora until she was five, did you?"

"Family wouldn't have it. Had to run off myself first."

"Well, they've aged gracefully," Remus said. "Lovely house they have, very nice library. Ted's done well for himself at the Ministry and they seem happy. Did you and Harry have fun...playing chess?"

Sirius chuckled. "Yeah. It was a hell of a game."

Remus looked at him sidelong, then smiled too. "Well, play carefully, Padfoot. There's more at stake than winning."

"I know that. Everyone assumes I don't know that," Sirius complained.

"Don't forget, I've seen you play chess before. Stop -- " Remus turned to face him and straightened his collar, pulling his robe forward and settling it more fully on his shoulders. "All right, you look presentable now. In you go."

Sirius sat Defence for the first teaching period and ran across the castle cheerfully to spend the rest of the morning in the greenhouses, helping second-years re-pot mandrakes. Everyone wanted to hear the story of Friday's battle in the forest; Remus was probably trying to quell his fourth-years from asking even as he'd had to quell his first-years while Sirius was there. Everyone suddenly wanted to learn the Patronus spell, and those sixth- and seventh-years who could do it were much in demand to produce them. The number of silvery, ghostly creatures cavorting up the aisles in the Great Hall at lunch finally drove Sirius and Remus, after a brief exchange, to the silence and refuge of Remus' office.

"I don't know how they manage to make so much noise," Remus said as they walked. "It makes my ears ring sometimes."

"I rather like it," Sirius said. "But I suppose it gets to be a little overwhelming sometimes. I don't -- what?" he asked, as Remus put a hand on his arm. Remus frowned.

"Stop," he said quietly, pulling Sirius across the hall and ducking behind a convenient suit of armor. "There's something -- something wrong," he said. "Can you...?"

Sirius nodded, glanced around for stray students, and Changed. As a dog, things were immediately clear.

The hall was jam-packed with scent trails and reeked of sweat and cheap childish perfume and cologne. What stood out like a neon sign, however, was an animal smell, almost out of place -- but not quite.

The cloud of scent that hung around Remus was similar, though not precise. He was smelling something like a werewolf -- no. He was smelling a werewolf, just one that was not like Remus.

He huffed at the dust where he smelled the scent and stirred it up enough to follow it. He could hear Remus following behind; he didn't even realise he was leading them directly to Remus' office until Remus caught the scruff of his neck at the door. He Changed back, looking at Remus with wide eyes.

"There's a werewolf in your office," he said in a whisper. "And it isn't you."

Remus drew his wand and Sirius followed suit; he opened the door quickly, both men aiming their wands inside.

Someone was seated quietly in a chair next to Remus' desk, hands folded in their lap, a cloak around their shoulders with its hood raised. When the door opened, the figure turned and looked at them.

"Show yourself," Remus said, in a voice that Sirius had never heard him use before. The figure in the chair reached up slowly, showing their empty hands clearly, and pulled back their hood.

The woman's face was unfamiliar to Sirius, and he glanced at Remus for just long enough to ascertain that Remus didn't recognise her either; she was youngish -- although probably older than Sirius -- with unkempt dark-blond hair and a narrow, clever face smeared here and there with smudges of dirt. Her eyes were light green, and they gleamed a little in the dim light of the office. She looked at them uncertainly, then fixed her gaze on Remus.

"Lupin, I've come unarmed," she said. "I was sent by the black-haired man with the..." she gestured to indicate, unmistakeably, Severus Snape's overlarge nose.

"Are you a messenger?" Remus asked. He lowered his wand only slightly.

"No; I've come to speak to you about terms," she said, half-hesitantly. "Treaties? My name is Arcadia. You know what I am."

"I'm aware, yes," Remus said warily.

"I have...been selected by the Dark Lord to replace Fenrir Greyback," she said. "And that is why I am here."

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