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Chase posted a comment on Sunday 29th March 2009 2:23pm for Fashionista

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Thank you so much for your future answers :). Chase.

BT posted a comment on Sunday 25th January 2009 2:19pm for Fashionista

What a lovely story. I am not sure if I reviewed this before somewhere else or not, but I just wanted you to know: this (and "Civilised") is one of the stories that I return to every once in a while and reread. They are simple yet evocative, and without the cliches that are so often inserted into any Lupin stories. LOVE YOU!

Robin Westerly posted a comment on Friday 16th June 2006 3:33pm for Fashionista

Wow. Of all writers on this site you make me think the most. Thankyou for this gift. I love your stories. Thankyou

Serendipity posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 1:24pm for Fashionista

This is absolutely beautiful. I don't know how I managed to miss your one-shots when I was reading Stealing Harry, but I'm glad I found them. These are even better than your masterpiece.
~*~LIZ, off to read another

Chris Lebron posted a comment on Tuesday 7th March 2006 3:30pm for Fashionista

I really liked this story. I hadn't really given deep thought as to how Remus would react to someone doing something for him that he couldn't "pay back". Man has his pride, after all, even if he has nothing else.

Any chance you'd like to write Tonks taking Harry clothes shopping? Granted, probably not as interesting as this story, but I'd kinda like to see how he'd react to all the things he could be wearing. Heh heh. Little clothes horse Harry.

freakyfinger posted a comment on Saturday 4th March 2006 10:26pm for Fashionista

I need to find someone to take me colthes shopping ;)