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Elfguard48 posted a comment on Saturday 3rd June 2006 6:36pm for Chapter 2

Siily me starts to read third book and realizes haven't read the earlier ones. Love the story very much. ever so happy Sirius is alive. Makes me sorta of wish this was Harry true story.

Helen...going back to missing story

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Sunday 21st May 2006 6:27pm for Chapter 2

Love your Padfoot.
I'm still enjoying this story as you parallel...

Gardengirl posted a comment on Saturday 20th May 2006 1:46pm for Chapter 2

Delightful! Thanks for sharing. Took me a minute to reconnect with this 'universe' but it was well worth it.

loralee posted a comment on Friday 19th May 2006 10:11am for Chapter 2

Great couple of chapters. More please.