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Amber Dragon posted a comment on Saturday 30th December 2006 12:05am for Chapter 3

*shakes her head to get the bad image out of her head*i don't even WANT to know what you were doing when you wrote the quiditch talk.Draco glued to a broomstick?*shakes head again*and also, you misrated this chapter.

Questions i forgot to ask after the first stories
Question (from Laocoon's version of the Philosopher's Stone):What were you referring to when you said they took Ender's Game too seriously?i have read that book about five or so times (surprising for a girl) and didn't get what you meant by it.

Question 2 (from Secret Tongues):are you a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) fan.When we first met Lockhart,you mentioned something about Laying-On Hands, and, as i recall, Lay-On Hands is a...Paladin spell, i think.either that or cleric.(and i have been playing that game since i was eight or so {but i can't DM yet})