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Andrius posted a comment on Monday 1st August 2011 9:04am for Chapter 13

Let me just say that it's a great story. I am really enjoying the feeling of mystery, magic, and adventure that seems to be missing from many other HP fics. I like how you've added the bits about fey, the iron charms, and such.

bookaholic_au posted a comment on Wednesday 9th January 2008 9:56pm for Chapter 13

Poor Neville is obviously unaware that corduroy means "cloth of kings," and thus nothing to be complaining about.

Veronica3 posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2007 6:02pm for Chapter 13

Oh, how horrible that bit about the unicorn being killed! Your telling was intense and I felt as if I was there with the boys (and girl). Anyhow, great chapter. And, yay, Draco is going to spent Christmas with Harry and Neville!

Quizer posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2006 10:16pm for Chapter 13

This is great! Completely Headless Nick had me laughing out loud.
This is the most original thing I've ever seen in Harry Potter fanfiction - and I've seen a lot. I've read many good stories, some of which I enjoyed even more than this one, but I've not seen anything that surpasses this little sideplot in its originality - which is made even better by the fact that you (only) had FirstYear!Harry to work with. Pride yourself on this one.