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Fic Chick posted a comment on Sunday 7th February 2010 3:42am for Chapter 14

Is there a reason all the paragraphs in this chapter except those in the sex scene are center aligned?

Veronica3 posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2007 6:46pm for Chapter 14

Awww! Sirius and Remus are so sweet together! I love them. Also, thanks for write about the boys having a family Christmas. I was very happy reading about Draco ´s view about it. And I liked the way he shadowed his older male cousin. Sirius is not a bad father like example at all and Draco needs to have someone like that in his life. Also,I absolutely loved the gift that the house-elves made Draco. It was adorable! And awfully sweet of them. Hope Harry and Draco are going to get something for them all in return. Oh! Severus having Christmas dinner with the Tonkses and Sirius, Remus and Harry was a great twist, too. It is very good read about those lonely and somewhat dark canon characters getting some of love and understanding in their lives. I always felt both Severus and Draco could have benefited of a bit of that in their lives. JKR made them interesting characters and adversaries to the Wizarding world ´s golden boy but so cliches one! And I often feel sad for them both, hopelessly stuck in their roles and deprived from the love that could made them different and better individuals. Your take on that issue was most comforting to me to read. Thanks for fix them so they can be happy and moderately well adjusted individuals!