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Jonathan Langford posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:07pm

I first read this a long time ago, but had forgotten what it was about. Just now reread it. Wow! This is really good. I like all the characterizations, the extrapolations--not just the alternate Tom Riddle, but also Remus, Severus Snape and his potential descent into darkness, Peter Pettigrew's bitter jealousy, James and Lily's fundamental incompatibilities--and how they might have played out in a different universe.

I also really like the writing. Several favorite lines: the reference to crying like a bully would cry, and how if Remus ever told Harry he had been (in a way) the cause of his parents' separation it would be the "worst day's work" he ever did.

And Professor Gaunt, again. A person of great (if flawed) strength. A magnificent creation, in my opinion. Well done.

redjacobson posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2007 8:08am

how do you do it? you come up with some of the most fascinating AU's; and leave me hungry for more


Crys posted a comment on Wednesday 8th August 2007 5:04pm

That is the kind of "what if" game I like the best.

What if Tom Riddle had listened to Dumbledore before it was too late?

Very good idea to make the story from his PoV, too. And all the little side bits. Peter's minor betrayal. The Potters not staying together. Gives the story as a whole a much more "real" feel to it.

Excellent short story. Thank you.

Robin Westerly posted a comment on Sunday 18th June 2006 8:02am

Fascinating. Your stories make me think more than any others here.
Yours aren't really feel good like some of the other fictions here, but they give me a different perspective and make me think. Thankyou

Serendipity posted a comment on Wednesday 7th June 2006 1:01pm

Creepy. Really, really creepy. Don't like Lily and James splitting, but the rest of it is a really interesting picture of what could have been. Well done.


Filodea posted a comment on Friday 19th May 2006 6:57pm

Woah! Quite a different outcome for Tom. What might have been indeed. I thought that was who it was, but I wasn't sure until partway through the story. Severus was attempting to do the Voldemort shtick?

merf425 posted a comment on Monday 20th March 2006 12:16am

Whoa. That was... whoa. (In an awesome way.)

Mary Morley posted a comment on Sunday 5th March 2006 8:07am

You have such a glorious gift for putting words on paper to make such richly textured images. I think I'm a little envious.

To think that one small moment of sanity might of turned Tom Riddle into Professor Gaunt, is thought provoking.

freakyfinger posted a comment on Saturday 4th March 2006 10:17pm

Woah . . . definitely AU!