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Bubblystar posted a comment on Wednesday 18th February 2009 7:45am for Chapter 10

Wow! Great so far! :D I love it! Harry's so cute :] lol

Gabycat posted a comment on Monday 24th March 2008 5:59pm for Chapter 10

*warm smile* you know, I recently finished the Book 7 (In Spanish, I read it in English last year) and I was talking to a friend about your fic "Stealing Harry"
It's so warm and has so much hope in it. It's wonderful to read it again. Thank you for writing it!

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 6th May 2006 11:28am for Chapter 10

A very good chapter. I like the way Sirius and Remus talk and worry and argue about what is best for Harry just like a married couple would.
When are they going to get a clue about how they
each feel about each other? I'm glad Harry gets to spend time with the Gryfindors. He will learn a lot more about the differences between the houses. Thanks for writing. pms

Aurilia posted a comment on Friday 17th February 2006 12:14am for Chapter 10


How sweet!

I particularly liked how Sirius has a thing for James Joyce. It's little details like that that make a story work.