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Fic Chick posted a comment on Saturday 6th February 2010 12:24am for Chapter 12

The interaction between SB & RL this chapter was really well written.

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 6th May 2006 12:10pm for Chapter 12

Very well handled. I like the way Remus and Sirius reacted to their feelings for each other.
It was a surprise to hear about James but a lot of teenagers experiment with things like that. I am very happy with the fact that Harry has figured out that Remus is a werewolf on his own.
Harry is a smart boy! Now he has to decide whether or not to tell Sirius and Remus that he knows. I look forward to how this works out. Thanks for writing. pms

Aurilia posted a comment on Friday 17th February 2006 12:35am for Chapter 12


I didn't say earlier, but I love that you remembered the older Weasleys and have Oliver at the correct age - so many people seem to forget these little details.

I love that Harry worked out what Moony was, and I particularly liked how he found out. :-)

Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 15th January 2006 6:12pm for Chapter 12

CADBURY CREME EGGS???!??!!! I think I love you, man! Those are my all time favorites! What a pleasant surprise to see one here. Thanks!!!