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lathyrus posted a comment on Sunday 11th August 2013 8:14am for Chapter 20

"And none of you were suspicious of the fact that one of your closest comrades' inner animal was a rat?" Snape asked sardonically. not cool man, rats are insanely loyal! They're the only rodent that bonds to their owner the same way a dog does. They're also incredibly affectionate. Shame on you severus. >:(

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 6th May 2006 4:58pm for Chapter 20

Glad Sirius and Remus finally got together. They need each other. At least Harry seems to be taking being attacked in his stride. I'm glad Andromeda is involved. She has a level head. Thanks for writing. pms

Aurilia posted a comment on Friday 17th February 2006 2:25am for Chapter 20

Hmm... Don't know if I approve of Pettigrew not being Scabbers... Guess I'll reserve judgement on that until the tale's told.

However, this chappie had one of the HOTTEST scenes I've ever read. Looking forward to more. :-)