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Michele Worthington posted a comment on Wednesday 25th November 2009 2:15pm for Chapter 21

toooooo funny..

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 6th May 2006 5:30pm for Chapter 21

Snape and Sirius. A reactive combination if there ever was one. Very well done. I'm glad Remus is there as the voice of reason! Someone has to be! Thanks for writing. pms

Aurilia posted a comment on Friday 17th February 2006 2:59am for Chapter 21

Harry lifted a hand to delicately stroke the snake's head. "All right, Remus." He bent forward. "I'll keep your secret, too."

Remus bent forward. "What secret is that?"

Harry turned his comic around, and showed Remus one of the picture pages. In it, a caged werewolf was savagely attacking the bars of its prison.

"Oh bloody hell," Remus said, with feeling, right before five or six books attacked him.


I also really enjoyed the part with Snape hugging Harry goodbye. And I can see the 'understanding look' on Sirius' face. Priceless. Utterly priceless.