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The Day the Music Died (and I Got Farked) was updated on 7th Aug 07

Status: Completed - Rating: Teens + - Chapters: 1 - Word count: 2,304 - Genre: Comedy

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This is an original story about what could happen if everything possible went wrong in a fandom, brought on by the recent wanks about spoilers/piracy/censorship and the temporary failure of Livejournal on 7/18/07. It's comedy! It's tragedy! It's kinda foulmouthed, now that I read it. It encompasses everything I love about every fandom I could think of.

This fanfic does not contain spoilers for Deathly Hallows. The events of the fictional "Carver" fandom are not in any way reflective of the events in the final Harry Potter book.

1 - The Day the Music Died (and I Got Farked)
Word count: 2,304 - Reviews: 10 - Rating: Teens + - Uploaded on: 7th Aug 07