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HarnGin posted a comment on Sunday 13th October 2013 2:42pm for The Uncle

Very amusing. Thank you for writing.

joeBob posted a comment on Sunday 6th March 2011 9:14am for The Uncle

Nicely entertaining.

miss_darknesss posted a comment on Saturday 17th April 2010 6:13pm for The Uncle

Well and truly awesome! it would be absolutely fantastic to have more.

Forever&3moreSeconds posted a comment on Sunday 31st January 2010 1:11pm for The Uncle

nice! this would have been so much better than the real books :p
ruth =)

slashslut posted a comment on Friday 22nd January 2010 10:23pm for The Uncle

i really hope you'll continue this fic, maybe make it a series. it's too good for just a one-off! imagining remus and sirius sopranos-style is wicked fun!

Koalasco posted a comment on Saturday 16th January 2010 1:43pm for The Uncle


This is what I LIKE!!! Decent, good, Mafia!Harry's - there just aren't any good ones out there, aside from that trilogy on FFN about Harry and Fem!Blaise. Oh well.

Will there be more or is this just a one-shot?

Lathena posted a comment on Wednesday 25th November 2009 10:41am for The Uncle

oh lovely, I want to see what happens next

Tira Misu posted a comment on Sunday 8th June 2008 8:27am for The Uncle

I adore this fic with every fiber of my being. I have never read Remus portrayed this way, and I love it.

WilliamT posted a comment on Friday 30th May 2008 4:36pm for The Uncle

liked it very much. Is there more along this line. thank you keep up the good work.

redjacobson posted a comment on Sunday 11th May 2008 3:52pm for The Uncle

I really wish you would do more with this story; it's just too much fun to leave as is


Prongs1977 posted a comment on Friday 9th May 2008 12:22pm for The Uncle

so, is this just a plot bunny (if so, can I adopt?), or will you be continuing it?

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 3rd May 2008 1:23am for The Uncle

This is quite a diversion off the regular path but I really like it! Hermione as an experienced bookie! Ron as a card shark. Arthur as an accomplished card shark with a heart. Remus as "Uncle" and Harry as Uncle Junior is just great. Sirius as Remus "familiar" in more ways than one is great. I really like this. Thanks for writing. pms

Sakya posted a comment on Wednesday 19th March 2008 4:51am for The Uncle

Hahahaha, I love it.

blazeofglory65 posted a comment on Tuesday 12th February 2008 5:34pm for The Uncle

Remus as a crime lord. OMG that is so awesome. Quite original too. Good job. Will there be a sequel?

UdderPD posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2007 2:04am for The Uncle

An excellent piece of a story appart from the totally unnecessary homosexual encounter.

Please excuse the previous incomplete review


UdderPD posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2007 2:02am for The Uncle

An excellent piece of a story appart from the totally un necessary

iluvchocs posted a comment on Monday 5th November 2007 4:16pm for The Uncle

This story is brilliant - it's a great concept, and I love the attitude that it's told worth. Great job xD

padawanewan posted a comment on Sunday 30th September 2007 9:32am for The Uncle

This was one of the best AU's I have ever read. The pace was spot on and The Uncle is perhaps one of my favourite Remus incarnations.

iluvchocs posted a comment on Thursday 16th August 2007 2:03am for The Uncle

I love the attitude in this piece. The thought of Remus as a crime-lord is hilarious - yet somehow strangely apt :D

dzio posted a comment on Monday 13th August 2007 8:04pm for The Uncle

You know, that's not fair. First you write the best Crimelord-In-Training!Harry fic I've ever seen, then you call it "some AU silliness", and then you leave it after the 4th year. Actually... No, that's not "not fair", that's downright cruel, that's what it is.

Seriously though, that was the first Crimelord!Remus fic I've ever seen. I was a bit worried for a moment, because the Canon!Remus is the Ultimate Nice Guy and I couldn't see how anyone could turn him into a criminal and still keep him, well, Remus. Turns out you knew how to do that. :) Sure, he's different, but that's not because he's a completely different person, all that changes is his history. Also, unlike so many poor blighters Out There (*cough*FFN*cough*), you do realize that with any kind of an organized crime story there's a hundred cliches amd traps you can fall into at every turn. Seriously, some people just don't know when to stop. You do, and when the moment comes, you usually offer some good laughs, instead of one more cheap Godfather rip-off. :)

Loved the Hermione the Bookie idea. ;) Gives the word "Bookworm" a whole new meaning, doesn't it? Oh, and I absolutely loved this line:

nothing is cuter than a twelve-year-old wiseguy

Duh, Ray-bans and a shotgun, instead of a thousand years old hat and a gaudy sword. That's what I call progress. ;)

Anyway, thank's for your great work, and I hope you'll come back to this one day and get us all the way to whacking Voldy. :)