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Patches posted a comment on Saturday 3rd May 2008 12:18am

This is a really good little scene between Remus and Harry. They both need someone special in their lives and they have The connection of James and Lily for a starting point. Remus would make a really good "father figure" for Harry. Thanks for writing this story. I really like it. pms

Lauren posted a comment on Tuesday 24th July 2007 1:33am

Remus and Harry needed to have had interaction like this in cannon. They needed to have discussed Sirius's death or have talked at all after it, like in this. There's no closure, that's what I've decided, and that's why I enjoy this fic. Very, very sweet.

rosemary posted a comment on Saturday 25th November 2006 6:49am

excellent, I thought this was really good. Perceptive of the differences in the two characters, and how they would react.

Robin Westerly posted a comment on Friday 16th June 2006 2:57pm

is good! is good! is good!

jake m posted a comment on Monday 6th March 2006 1:41am


Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 5th March 2006 11:35am

Excellent job of building the relationship slowly. I hope this is just the first installment of a story as I can see lots of ways this one can go.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 5th March 2006 6:15am

Oh, that's so melancholy and poignant. I'm glad to read Harry finding a way to connect with Remus. I imagine it'd be a relationship he'd really need. Thanks for sharing.

freakyfinger posted a comment on Saturday 4th March 2006 10:43pm

So this isn't a RL/NT ship than?